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You Need to Be in New Orleans This Halloween!

Posted on: October 24, 2012 | Posted in: News

Only a week left until Halloween! Are you ready? Hopefully you have your costume and party plans already set.

If youíre planning on coming down to New Orleans for the big night, have you booked your room yet? Donít wait until itís too late! The Hotel Provincial is located in the French Quarter, so youíll have access to all sorts of parties within walking distance.

What about Voodoo Fest? After the evening shows are over, music fans love to come down to the Quarter to resume the party. After a full day of music and a night of costumes and fun events, you'll want to spend the night here instead of having to drive anywhere else!

Ice House Bar

Have you tried the Ice House Bar? Itís located right here in the hotel, so you can have a drink right here before you go out. Happy Hour is 3 to 6 EVERY afternoon.

And, if youíre here for a Monday night, youíll definitely want to come on down. Weíve got some fantastic red beans and rice to give you that New Orleans environment. The best part? Itís complimentary! Relax and enjoy the eveningís football game with great food and drinks.

Food, parties, holidaysÖ all great reasons that you need to get to New Orleans for Halloween!