Visit New Orleans in January

January 6 2014 | News

New OrleansEscape the cold up north and enjoy the warmer weather in New Orleans.

We may have a bit of a cold snap heading our way tonight, but the temperatures are going to be back in the 60’s and 70’s by this weekend. If that doesn’t give you second thoughts about bundling up in multiple layers of jackets and shoveling pathways through snow for the tenth time, I don’t know what will!

Not only is the weather mild in January, but there are many other great reasons to visit New Orleans right now.

It truly is a great time to visit New Orleans. The crowds haven’t arrived yet for Mardi Gras, so you can make your way through the city without having to wade through thousands of people or waiting in long lines for every attraction and popular restaurant.

There are lots to do every day in New Orleans, including walking tours of the French Quarter, visiting historic sites like St. Louis Cathedral and trying beignets! If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s always the miles and miles of boutique shopping followed up by world famous dining and a relaxing drink or two at the many bars around the city.   

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See you soon!