What Are You Doing for Labor Day Weekend?

August 23 2012 | News

Did you know that Labor Day has been an American tradition for 130 years now? Granted, it didn’t start out as a nation-wide holiday at first, but America has recognized that the working force needed to be celebrated on its own special day.

Since that day 130 years ago, the holiday has come to mean to signify some major shifts in the course of the year. Labor Day is the sign that summer is over and that fall is just around the corner (even if New Orleans’ temperatures don’t actually get “cool” for some time after that). School is already in session, and football season gets ready to kick into full gear in both college and the professional levels. Southeastern Louisiana celebrates a couple of festivals over Labor Day weekend, including Decadence Fest in New Orleans and the Shrimp Festival in nearby Morgan City.

However you choose to celebrate the weekend, take some time to get into the city. After all, if there’s anywhere that knows how to celebrate, it’s New Orleans!

Hotel Provincial still has rooms available for Labor Day weekend. Take a look at the reservations page to find your perfect room for the weekend. If you’re going to stay in the city to celebrate, you should do it in style at the Hotel Provincial.

See you soon!